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Thread: What to do about a slowcoach
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Been down this road a few times in my management career.  If there have been multiple discussions and attempts to bring the problem employee up to par, then the best course is to decide how to separate the employee from the organization.  That would be easier if the remaining employees also see the inequity of output.

If the remaining employees are hourly, and if enough of the remaining employees are amenable to temporary overtime, terminate the employee and have a group meeting to discuss next actions.  The temporary OT might be appreciated by most so that would be a plus for the action.  Hire another and train to relieve long term OT.

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> Piecework?  Pay by output rather than time

I'd thought of that but often the output is a collaboration. Now I
think of it I'm wondering if she tends to put him to work framing
because that is to some extent self-contained and can be done
single handedly

So for example the other 4 could be producing a large batch of
point-of-sale posters and slowcoach is left to himself. Rather that
than have him slowing down a production line

But he is slow at whatever he's meant to be doing, which can affect
other people's output. Maybe she could disguise a targeted strategy
like piecework in a generalised and mostly concocted "improvement

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