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Thread: What to do about a slowcoach
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> Is there any particular part of the process or workflow that he's
> particularly slow at ?

No. He's indistinguishable from any other worker, just slower

> If there is, then a bit of retraining / support may assist - show him
> that it's causing delays and suggest alternatives that are quicker

He does the job properly, as taught. My friend has run the business
for 30 years and knows the most efficient ways

> If he's just slow, but high quality, are some customers or jobs a little
> less cost or time sensitive but require premium quality?

Any other worker can produce the same quality quicker. I've seen
them at work and I'd say that all (except him) aren't making a special
effort to be fast, they just get it done in a timely manner

As she said to me today, his slowness is pissing her off now,
particularly as he's slipped back into his old ways after a pep talk
last year

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