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Thread: Arduino compatible bare PCBs
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> In an ideal PCB design (been auto-routed) we would like power + ground
> traces (ground plane actually) heavier than other traces (have to tune
> the beast). Autorouter will follow that but a human has to tame (add rules) it.

Don’t most autorouters already do that?  EAGLE’s does (assuming you different network “classes” for the power and signal wires.)  Your photo (which is not quite the same as the picture on the website) definitely has nice thick power traces.   I suppose I normally like to see ground plane wherever it will fit, but I’m not at all convinced that that has any effect on an electrically conservative design like the Arduino.  (nor that it’s always a good idea.   I always seem to wind up with some narrow little ground traces between sections of the plane that look suspiciously like antennas (on two layer boards.)  Ah well.

I think I’ll have to agree with the opinion I’ve seen from a couple people that black soldermask (or heavily used silkscreen, as here) makes it annoyingly difficult to figure out where traces go on the board…


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