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Thread: PIC16F18854 PORTB Read problem
face BY : James Wages email (remove spam text)


I resolved it in the Microchip forum here:


James Wages

> On Aug 31, 2017, at 1:00 AM, TakeThisOuTpiclist-requestTakeThisOuTspamspamBeGonemit.edu wrote:
> Hi James -
> When you say it is misread, do you mean that it is always HI or always LO?
> Also, are you sure about your individual tests? It seems you are reversing the bit order- RB0 => RAMa,7 etc... Hence RB5 will be in RAMa,2, not RAMa,5 as might be expected.
> Stephen
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Subject (change) PIC16F18854 PORTB Read problem

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