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Thread: Solar PV panels
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On 23 Jun 2016 at 19:56, RussellMc wrote:
> E&OE.
> No guarantee that this is fully correct.
> As it in part MAY disagree in some degree with Brent it's probably in some
> degree wrong (probably for both  correlated and non correlated versions of
> some)
> * I changed disagrees' to 'may disagree'  as I'm talking about V and he may
> have been talking about I.
> We appear to still not be in full agreement.  eg I say max power at V +/-
> 90 lead/lag of Vgrid. .

I don't know if we agree or disagree yet... more likely my degree of wrongness is just waiting for me to grasp it :-)

I was trying to imagine (and not explaining well) current as seen by an import/export power meter (grid connection point). Say there is no PV generation, the meter would see imported power according to whatever load is present, that is, current in phase with voltage assuming a resistive load. Right so far? Then let's say PV generation kicks in and exceeds load or load is disconnected, meter sees exported power. Assuming unity power factor (bad assumption?) would I be correct in saying the current is now flipped, eg. 180 degrees out of phase with the voltage? If not, then how does an import/export meter determine direction of power flow?

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Ah, maths. I will have to think on it a bit more. It's more looking from the viewpoint of the inverter, which I'll be happy with if I can correlate it with what the meter sees.

Thanks for the links too, reading...

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