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Thread: Solar PV panels
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Hi David,

I've recently installed a 5kW system on my own house, will see if I can help explain. My system consists of 20 x 250W panels, 10 x dual input grid-connect micro inverters. The inverters connect directly to the (in my case 230V 50Hz) AC mains at the main switchboard... this is the switchboard where every electrical load in my house is conencted. It's is important to note this is downstream, on the consumers side, of the utility power meter.

Let's say the inverters are generating 5kW of power (FYI, you should only expect to see such a peak this at midday on a very sunny summers day with your panels set to the best possible angle). First let's say there is zero load presented by your house, then all 5kW will be "exported" back to the grid (ideally you have an import/export meter fitted and you get credit for this. Now let's say the house load is 5kW... supply and demand are balanced, zero power is imported or exported.... your power meter indicates zero. Now say the house load is 6kW, 5kW will be supplied by the inverters, the grid supplies the remaining 1kW and your meter should indicate 1kW of power is being imported.

Hope this helps. It does take a while to get a handle on power flows etc. Extra for experts: think about what the voltage/current waveforms look like during export vs import.

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