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Thread: : Paralleling PV panels with differing illumination levels.
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> Russel you've missed the best question here:
> At maximum illumination how will influence the cell efficiency it's
> temperature?
> maximum illumination = maximum heat...
> ​I'd not missed it (believe it or not) but I decided not to mention it as
it added extra variables which clouded the main point, which is the ability
of off optimum cells to rise in voltage to the initial Vmp with minimal
power loss​.
I looked (again) at temperature versus power outputs as I skimmed through
data sheets the other day looking for ones with both V-I and V-Power curves
on the same graph.

As you correctly note, temperature has a significant effect. Maybe 5%-10%
loss from the nominal values which are almost always specified at 25C and
the actual.

Long ago (hmmm - 2007)  I achieved an agreeable gain in output (from a then
30 year old! 50 W BP panel) by running a very thin film of water down the
front face. Water flow was reduced to the point just above where a film
could not be maintained. Presumably-slight losses due to water optical
losses (and possibly anti-reflective gains) + cooling gave a net gain.

In most cases this would not be practical but it was interesting. It's
uncertain whether attempts at passive rear air cooling would be
economically justifiable. With continuing low panel costs and implications
for mounting forces I'd guess probably not, but ... .

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