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Thread: : Paralleling PV panels with differing illumination levels.
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> Because the maximum power point appears at about the same output voltage
> independent of illumination, it appears you'd do fine connecting the
> panels in parallel, since this would force them all to this MPP voltage.
> See http://www.linear.com/solutions/4445 for the relationship between MPP
> and loaded voltage.
I had included a comment on that concept ​near the bottom of my answer.

Note that they claim the idea is patent pending.
I'd be surprised if that would stick, but maybe.

Note also that it is less good than it could be.
What is a better match is to use an "mx+c " curve fit.
Or rather

Vtarget = Vx + Iload x k

Vx and k are chosen to place the reference voltage on a lowest error line
in their fig 3
Something like Vref = 15 + 2 x Iload in their fig 3.

It would be easy to fit a non linear line if desired.
Especially easy when implemented in software.

This is not the first time I've written this anywhere. but note that this
message is public domain.

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Subject (change) : Paralleling PV panels with differing illumination levels.

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