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Thread: : Paralleling PV panels with differing illumination levels.
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> Did you mean "... would be if they were optimally loaded? ..." or "...
> would
> be if they were optimally illuminated?..."
> ​I meant optimally loaded (as written).
ie a 50% illuminated panel when optimally LOADED will make ABOUT 50% output.
But, as V_50%_optimal <>Vmp , when connected to a stiff bus at Vmp some
reduction in power is expected.

> I have considered the question of series string performance when one panel
> is not as optimally illuminated as the others but never in parallel.
> ​Yes. Series is easier to conceptualise.


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​Somewhat like std understanding and somewhat like my prior - although
panels draw far less back current than may be expected in most cases. ​


> Q2 Very hard for me to separate because before off the cuff in the before
> time I would still consider the question.
> I am very curious and will now read the answer
> ​Hopefully it makes sense and also changes your understanding.

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Subject (change) : Paralleling PV panels with differing illumination levels.

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