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Thread: Problem using Unix net-snmp tools with snmpv3_nvm_mpfs demo on PIC32 ESK board (part no. DM320004) [reposted with subject prefix]
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Dear All,
       I am attempting to create a device running an SNMP agent.  As a start I have built the snmpv3_nvm_mpfs demo app under MPLAB Harmony and can access its web and SNMP interfaces.  With the device connected to a dual boot PC, under Windows 7 I can properly interrogate the SNMP agent using the iReasoning browser recommenced by Microchip in the MPLAB Harmony documentation.  In particular I can read the push-button status and turn the board's LEDs on and off.

Under Linux, using the snmpwalk, snmpget & snmpset command line tools there are problems.  Snmpwalk returns only a small fraction of the agent's name-space, eg.

root@RM:/home/tom# snmpwalk -On -c public -v 1 mechpboard_e
.. = STRING: Microchip Harmony
.. = OID: .
.. = Timeticks: (60130) 0:10:01.30
.. = STRING: admin
.. = STRING: Microchip
.. = STRING: office
.. = INTEGER: 7

Specifying the OID reported by the iReasoning browser running under Windows for one of the board's LEDs with snmpset; or a push-button using snmpget always fails.

I also tried the net-snmp toolkit's tkmib browser which loops with an error and again does not find the agent's LED or push-button hardware.

I have copied the mchip.mib and snmp.mib MIB files into (at different times) both /usr/share/snmp/mibs/ and ~/.snmp/mibs but without effect.

Similarly specifying SNMP v1 or v2c on the command line makes no difference.

I really don't want to be tied to Windows for development and more importantly I need the device to work with the Unix or any other SNMP
client.  Can anyone explain what might be wrong or supply working examples of net-snmp commands to access the board's push-button/LEDs?  Please let me know if I've omitted anything pertinent.

Many thanks
Tom Crane

Linux system details:
Distro: Slackware current
Architecture: i686
Kernel: 3.14.12
MPLAB Harmony framework: v1.00
PIC Compiler: XC32 (v1.33) [free download]

Apologies for the earlier subject prefix-less post.
-- Tom Crane, Dept. Physics, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham Hill,
Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX, England. Email:  .....T.CraneSTOPspamspamrhul.ac.uk
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Subject (change) Problem using Unix net-snmp tools with snmpv3_nvm_mpfs demo on PIC32 ESK board (part no. DM320004) [reposted with subject prefix]

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