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Thread: Cutting holes in thick uPVC pipe caps
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> The drill bit tended to slip in the chuck (it's covered in silver marks where the chuck jaws have spun around the bit).
> Hopefully it didn't damage the chuck...
>    Not likely to damage the chuck, just tears up the drill shank. Clean it up with a fine file.
> It's pretty rare to see drill bits with a flattened shank around here.
> The vast majority are round -- even the PCB drills.
>    These are good quality industrial production machinery quality, but not that much more money.
>> I always buy name brand that there are local repair stations for parts.
>> Long term well worth it. A lot better than at most inopportune time,
>> having to go chase tools.
> I don't think I've ever seen a Rotozip tool in any of the local shops...
> they seem a bit thin on the ground outside of the USA...
>    And on Walter's suggestion of Forstener bits, will have to try that, wouldn't have expected that to work. :)

What I saw those Dremel bits were very similar to the wood/plastic bits.
> I wish we had shows like that on TV... closest we get to that is
> "Changing Rooms" or "Grand Designs". Neither of which is even remotely
> interesting...
>    We have Directv satelite, and there is a large variety available including a wide variety of Do it programs. :)
> And then there's X Factor and American Idol... I wish ITV would just
> give up on those shows, they really are atrocious.
> Lowest-common-denominator tripe at its very worst.
>    The local Fox TV channel news always is promoting "Idol", when I  hear that word, it's to a different channel
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Subject (change) Cutting holes in thick uPVC pipe caps

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