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Thread: Cutting holes in thick uPVC pipe caps
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On 11/02/11 16:43, Carl Denk wrote:
>> The B&Q one is exactly the same as the "monkey-metal" one I rubbished
>> earlier: a setscrew holding a drill bit in the middle of a metal holder.
>> It sort-of works, but if the saw blade locks up while the drill bit
>> continues spinning, it might (probably will) damage the drill bit.
> Gripping the drill bit, and relying on the bit to turn the hole saw, is
> only for very light work at best.

As I found out... The drill bit tended to slip in the chuck (it's covered in silver marks where the chuck jaws have spun around the bit). Hopefully it didn't damage the chuck...

> Yep that's what the flats are for, the quality drill bits, larger than
> 3/16" that I buy at the local independent tool store, all have the
> flats.

It's pretty rare to see drill bits with a flattened shank around here. The vast majority are round -- even the PCB drills.

> I always buy name brand that there are local repair stations for parts.
> Long term well worth it. A lot better than at most inopportune time,
> having to go chase tools.

Oh, too right. Before I got the Dremel, I used to drill PCBs with an Expo Reliant "mini-drill". That was an exercise in futility. The 3-jaw chuck wasn't mounted straight on the motor shaft, so the bit moved to either side. Broke most of my tungsten bits before I figured out what was going on.

>> Wish I'd bought it from Amazon (about £60 cheaper than B&Q) but I wanted
>> it today, and paid the price... It's still worth £160, IMO.
> Could be counterfeit.

Point taken. I did notice that even the likes of Axminster Tools were only selling them at ~£150 (per Google Shopper) so £169 isn't too bad a price.

Yes, it's complete, yes it works, yes it's the "genuine article" (at least as far as I can tell!).

> I have on order a set of Rayban sunglasses, as
> hard a I try, I am quite sure they are counterfeit, if they arrive at
> all. The Seattle address is for the main Seattle newspaper, and they
> have concurred that they don't have an address there. :(

LOL! So the scammers used the address of a major newspaper in Seattle?
IME, they usually use addresses which just plain don't exist...

> Check out these Rotozip
> http://www.rotozip.com/en-us/Pages/CategoryDetail.aspx?pid=9_8#

I don't think I've ever seen a Rotozip tool in any of the local shops... they seem a bit thin on the ground outside of the USA...

> If you have a router, that should work if you make a jig to hold the
> work and guide the router.

I don't have a router -- what I have are a couple of 2mm tungsten-carbide PCB router bits which just happen to fit the Dremel.

> Sometimes I have spent much more time
> building a jig/guide that actual cutting, but end up with a neat hole.
> Just last night was watching a woodworking show on the TV, the whole
> show was on router jigs. :)

I wish we had shows like that on TV... closest we get to that is "Changing Rooms" or "Grand Designs". Neither of which is even remotely interesting...

And then there's X Factor and American Idol... I wish ITV would just give up on those shows, they really are atrocious. Lowest-common-denominator tripe at its very worst.

(though as long as Auntie Beeb retain some semblance of integrity, the TV license will continue to be paid... ITV could disappear entirely, and I'm not entirely sure I'd be able to give half a tweet, much less an entire hoot!)

-- Phil.
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