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Thread: Cutting holes in thick uPVC pipe caps
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Quoting Carl Denk <spamcdenk.....spamspamwindstream.net>:

>> The Dremel won't work either -- the router bit gets clogged with bits of
>> PVC very, VERY quickly and just plain stops cutting. I suspect my PCB
>> router bit isn't geared up for uPVC, or the Dremel is moving too fast
>> and melting the plastic (not surprising).
> Wrong bit, one I suggested has about 1.5" cutting length, the flutes
> (grooves) are sharpened, and the spiral ejects chips. Try lower speed,
> maybe using 1/4" electric drill. Speed will melt plastic, and make a mess..

Will have to disagree with this.  Cutting at almost any speed will  generate enough heat to melt the plastic, as the bit lingers in the  just-cut area.  The way to not melt the plastic is to move out of the  area just cut as quickly as possible, so that means faster feed rate.   And that means faster spindle speed.  Yes, that also means greater  side load on the spindle bearings, so the way to compensate for that  is to take shallower cuts... ie: cut a few mm deep very quickly, then  go around the same path again, but another few mm deep, etc.  This is  fairly standard milling procedure.

If you can make a wooden (or other) template for the spindle  guard-ring to ride on, so it follows the circle, this will make the  whole process MUCH easier.  And keep it cool with WD-40 also.

FWIW, you may want to cut the circle a bit smaller, then file or use a  sanding drum to open it up slowly to the perfect shape/size.

Or if all that fails, just send it to me and I'll CNC-mill it for you.


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