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Thread: Agile programming
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Vitaliy wrote:

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It seems you've never seen good documentation nor bad code. I'd say in
many "normal" situations I'd go with your choice (for whatever "normal"
is supposed to mean), but I've seen enough good documentation and bad
code that I'd definitely not say "always" here.

For example (the afore-mentioned insurance billing system), you could
have to choose between a good, well-structured documentation of all the
(quite complex) billing procedures of your company, or "working code"
that is not much more than a quick hack-together of some common-place
billing GUI that doesn't address any of the complex intricacies of your
company's billing procedures. What would you choose?

Having the former allows any run-of-the-mill programmer team to put your
billing procedures into program form. Having the latter (without the
former) isn't worth more than a copy of QuickBooks.

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