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Thread: Why are street lights on, in daytime?
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:: I noticed that here in Phoenix, a great number of street lights
:: (especially,
:: in public parks) are on during the day, for months at a time. They
:: may be on
:: year-round, I can't remember if they're on in the summer.
:: maksimov.org/piclist/streetlight_on_in_daytime.jpg
:: I was at this park last weekend, and the lights were on during the
:: day
:: (notice that the picture was taken last year). There is at least
:: 100+ of
:: these lights at this one park, and I've seen them on in other
:: parts of the
:: city.
:: Some sort of load balancing?

This would be the perfect question to direct to your city council's
technical department or your local representative.

Perhaps someone forgot to flick the switch.

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Subject (change) Why are street lights on, in daytime?

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