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Thread: Old TBA700 datasheet?
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On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 11:27 PM, Enki <spamenkitecspamEraseMEgmail.com> wrote:

>        I'm looking for the TBA700 datasheet.
>        This time Google wasn't helpful.
>        Anyone with an ancient SGS or Philips databook?
I have a Phillips book titled 'Integrated Circuits 1978'
at page B2 it lists TBA700 as 'am channel receivers'
and then 'For detailed information Handbook SC5b', which I don't have.
SGS books (specifically 'Linear Integrated Circuits 2nd Ed' 1981)
have a gaping hole between TBA625 and TBA800.
So if there are any data books 'out there' they would have to be of
the mid 70's era to contain that particular device.

to sum up, look for Philips Red series, Part 5b March 1977
SC5b 03-77 Consumer integrated circuits.

Andrew Burchill
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