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Thread: Agile programming
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Rolf wrote:
> 2. Architecture Envisioning - they admit that this is really what I
> would call 'good progect design'... choose the right
> environments/people/teams up front because you really don;t want to
> re-write everything later when your client uses UNIX instead of
> Windows, or some other problem. This is where my 'Wise/Experienced'
> Manager comes in - they instinctively know how a project will have to
> unfold in order to be successful. This setup phase is critical for
> the success of the project...

I'd say this is where the wise/experienced chief engineer/architect comes
in.  The manager has to be smart enough to know to let this guy take the
time to do some good architectural planning up front else there'll be a mess

> "The Agility .. you must embrace ... or a Jedi you are not!" "A
> disturbance in Agility, your document is too early".


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