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Thread: Agile programming
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Steve Willoughby wrote:
>>> Working code does not lie.
>> It sure can!
>> If you're showing the first 20% of the features and giving the
>> impression that you can just add the remaining features but the
>> architecture is such a mess that it procludes that, that would be a
>> lie.
> but I would also point out that what you've
> described is in violation of the Agile values and would be seen as
> poor and
> unprofessional (if not outright dishonest) in the Agile camp as well
> as anywhere else.

Absolutely, that was in fact the point.  I was responding to the incorrect
blanket statement that working code doesn't lie.  Making it lie isn't
professional and I'm quite willing to believe against Agile values and most
other values, but it still happens.

> The successful teams I've seen have taken more of a pragmatic approach
> to the whole thing instead of a philosophical or religious one,
> though,
> it's not about "doing Agile" or "doing whatever" as much as it is
> "doing software development" and if Agile has some things to offer,
> so much the better, whether you do them strictly by the book or adapt
> some things
> into your work model to suit your needs.

I agree.  Some managers will have tendencies more towards one model or the
other, but in real life you do what makes sense regardless of what model
might be for or against it.

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