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Thread: Agile programming
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
> Vitaliy wrote:
>> Working code does not lie.
> It sure can!
> If you're showing the first 20% of the features and giving the impression
> that you can just add the remaining features but the architecture is such a
> mess that it procludes that, that would be a lie.

I've seen some real horror shows of teams claiming to have done "Agile"
projects, and like any other technique, Agile isn't the panacea for
everything, but I would also point out that what you've described is in
violation of the Agile values and would be seen as poor and
unprofessional (if not outright dishonest) in the Agile camp as well as
anywhere else.

The biggest proponents for Agile methodologies I've spoken with all say
you do as much architectural planning and careful work to make sure you
don't end up with a bandaid-smattered mess when you're done with Agile
as with other methods, but the difference is that you do it in a
different order and in a different way, so you're better able to respond
to changes in the work conditions (who hasn't taken on a large project
only to find after 12-18 months of development that business has changed
in that time, or that the customer *now* realizes that, once they see
the product, they misunderstood or misstated what they were asking for?)

The successful teams I've seen have taken more of a pragmatic approach
to the whole thing instead of a philosophical or religious one, though,
it's not about "doing Agile" or "doing whatever" as much as it is "doing
software development" and if Agile has some things to offer, so much the
better, whether you do them strictly by the book or adapt some things
into your work model to suit your needs.
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