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Thread: Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)
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Vitaliy wrote:

> That's why I like the iterative approach, where planning is followed
> by writing actual code. You gain useful information after every
> iteration.

This is, in principle and in many cases, a good thing. Nobody has ever
claimed that it isn't. But it needs a context and has limits.

There are projects where there is no use in trying to deliver a first
iteration so soon as the Agile Manifesto suggests. Sometimes, the first
iteration takes /much/ longer than all others, because until we get to
the first iteration, we need to gather requirements (for the whole
project), we need to architect (the whole or large parts of the
project)... this all costs time. So treating the first iteration the
same as the others WRT its duration doesn't make sense in many projects.
Which means that this part of Agile doesn't apply to these projects.

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Subject (change) Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)

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