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Thread: Agile programming
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"Gerhard Fiedler" wrote:
>>> - Get regular (daily) software updates, and provide feedback to the
>>> developer
>> Seeya.  So long.  Get someone else to do this job.
>> You are micro-managing again.  There needs to be a ballance between
>> your need to have visibility into the project and the developer's
>> need to have you off his back and let him get some work done.  Daily
>> updates is going to be way far off one end for the vast majority of
>> projects.  You are not doing yourself any favors by insisting on
>> this.
> A useful means can be to have the contractor work with your repository.
> IMO this is a reasonable request, and it provides both visibility and no
> reporting overhead. Of course if you call after the first couple days
> why there isn't any code yet... that's bad then, and an abuse of this
> visibility :)

Gerhard correctly guessed the method for getting the daily updates, without
putting a burden on the developer. :)

I should have clarified, however. We wanted to be a part of the development
process, basically the consultant would be a part of our team. I realize
this would put a lot of people off, maybe it is a bad idea -- I'm not sure
at this point.

If we were simply handing off the project to the consultant, then weekly or
even bi-weekly iteration meetings would have been sufficient.


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