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Thread: Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)
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"Rolf" wrote:
>>> how do you test the accuracy of your new whizz-bang ultra-accurate
>>> pressure sensor ..... somehow you have to build an even more accurate
>>> pressure container...
>> I think this is like comparing apples and banana pies.
> Your original assertion wash that the tests are simpler than the
> program. Why is this comparing apples and banana pies?

Because software is different from physical objects. So much so, that most
software analogies brought in from "the real world" are not very useful.
Prime example is comparing software to building a house, and yet Wouter et
al had a fun discussion recently about the merits of top-down, bottom-up,
and middle-out development approaches.

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You and Gerhard are both right, I don't have anough expertise to make
qualified statements about your examples. I already said I'm new to TDD, but
the concept  makes sense to me, and I find the the simple "sanity check"
tests useful.


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