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Thread: Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)
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"Gerhard Fiedler" wrote:
>>> "Every project is different. What works for one project
>>> may not work for another project. What doesn't work for one project
>>> may work for another project. There are no rules, you must adapt."
> This is a good rule. It means we need to pay attention, even when using
> Agile-approved methods. It means we need to pay attention to the
> conditions and results. It means we need to pay attention where we start
> making compromises, not because something better suited would not be
> available, but because what's available is not a "recognized technique"
> by whatever authority.

What are you attacking with this, Gerhard? Do you expect me to argue that
with Agile, you don't need to pay attention to conditions and results? You
build strawmen, and force me to explain every time, what Agile is not. For
example, your statement above implies that Agile prohibits one from using
"unrecognized techniques".

>> That's a fair assessment of what I feel, and the way I read Gerhard
>> and Olin's replies too. The last sentence is too broad though...
>> there are rules, good rules, but like most rules, there are times to
>> break them too. So, I guess it would be more accurate to say "there
>> are guidelines, but all guidelines have an appropriate context".
> Right... a context and limits.

Fine, give me some contexts/limits where the values from the Agile Manifesto
would not be applicable.

> For example, you posted a link earlier about documentation. This guy had
> a diagram in his page, where both richness and efficiency of
> documentation increases from paper over audio to video. Utter BS, this
> diagram, if you start to analyze it.

I can't find the document you are referring to, but I'm pretty sure I know
which diagram you're talking about, and I think you misunderstood what it
was showing. The diagram was grading the efficiency of the forms of
_communication_, not _documentation_.

>>> In addition, the statements you guys made reveal that you don't
>>> really know what Agile is. If you don't know what it is, how can you
>>> make judgements about its effectiveness?
> In this thread, I commented almost exclusively on your comments (which
> includes what you say that Agile is for you), not about Agile in itself.
> I don't make judgments about Agile, but comment on specific
> affirmations, independently of where they come from.

That's not true. You keep making statements about the vision of Agile that
you have created.

You also said at one point, that the points in Agile manifesto contradict
themselves. I'm still waiting for you to identify the specific points in
question, and explain that statement.

> (Like you said that
> the Manifesto changed the management world,

When did I say this?!!

>> For the record, I live in Canada. It is great, and is good for
>> everyone. If where you are works for you -- there's no reason to
>> change if you are happy where you are. If, on the other hand, you are
>> dissatisfied with the status quo (like I was before I came to
>> Canada), I would encourage you to emigrate. New places, especially
>> ones that have a catchy name that begins with a capital letter,
>> usually meet with resistance -- it is to be expected.
> Ah, and Brazil... ever thought about moving here? :)

Why don't you


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