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Thread: Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)
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Bob Blick wrote:
> I think that all the nay-sayers in this thread ARE the ones thinking for
> themselves. You drank the Kool-Aid.

Well, I can only say I'm glad that at least you didn't specify what I
smoked. :)

> I'm not saying Agile doesn't have some good practices. If it makes you
> feel good, them maybe it's good for you to implement it. But if you had
> Olin, Gerhard, Rolf and me as your employees, think how we'd respond if
> you laid this out as the new plan. Did I say respond? I meant revolt.

Olin already quit:
> Seeya.  So long.  Get someone else to do this job.

Agile is about adapting to change. So if you guys really did work for me,
you would adapt. If you couldn't adapt, you would be swiftly looking for
employment elsewhere. :)

Seriously though, I think that once you've seen the practices in action, you
would change your mind. Unless you're just stubborn. In which case I'd fire
you. ;)

> Simple rules don't fit when humans are involved.

Agile is *not* about rules.

Did I mention that I'm tired of arguing about what Agile is not?

If you want to have a meaningful debate, you can start by reading the Agile
Manifesto (takes about 30 seconds to read in its entirety). Then, tell me
which part of it you disagree with, and why. Brownie points for doing the
same with the principles. Later we can move on to the practical matters of
organizing the team, collaborating with customers, and managing an agile


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