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Thread: Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
> Vitaliy wrote:
>>> Early on you may get what look like quick results.  However these don't
>>> have
>>> any depth.  
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and yet again I find myself agreeing with Olin here. Some of my biggest
learning experiences have been when the project is 'nearly' finished and
a last moment requirement change, though 'simple', invalidates much of
the early 'infrastructure' development, or worse, when I realise that I
made a mistake early in the cycle that makes the last part difficult.
Heck, I have been trapped in this cycle with a recent PIC program...
inexperience caught me out.

I have seen it on massive scales too, where inexperience and unknowns
have combined to cause huge project overruns and failures.

There are books written about these problems.

Yet again, it comes down to how you tackle the project from a strategic
level, how you set the foundations of the project that determines how it
will look at the end. The actual details of how the bricks get laid is
important, but the overrall architecture/design and build strategy are
essential too.

Perhaps Agile has a 'manifesto' about where to prioritize the
design/architecture process as well as the development process....

i think, more relevant to this discussion, it takes an experienced/wise
manager to determine what the first tasks should be so that the
difficult things are accomplished first. Like putting together a jigsaw
puzzle, if you get the process going right, it gets easier and easier as
you get fewer and fewer pieces left to place, and a good manager will
ensure that the last pieces fit, instead of being left with gaps when
pieces do not arrive, or are the wrong size...


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