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Thread: Agile programming
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Vitaliy wrote:
> What I'm hearing from you guys (you, Gerhard, Olin)
> is, "Every project is different. What works for one project may not
> work for another project. What doesn't work for one project may work
> for another project. There are no rules, you must adapt."

Pretty close.  There are of course some general guidlines and methodologies,
but they are just that: general.

> This makes me very uncomfortable, because the implication is that
> experience is irrelevant.

Exactly the opposite, unfortunately.  If experience weren't important, this
could be taught in school and out would pop managers ready to go.  Managing
is a skill that also requires significant knowledge.  You can teach some of
this in school, but like any other skill or discipline, there is much to be
gained from experience.  Experience is required exactly because things need
to be flexible and tailored to the situation, people, customer, physical
contraints, budget, etc.  You can't teach the right choice for all possible
combinations of constraints because there are too many.

The problem is you seem to be looking for a magic formula.  There are at
best broad guidlines.

> In addition, the statements you guys made reveal that you don't really
> know what Agile is. If you don't know what it is, how can you make
> judgements about its effectiveness?

I don't know what Agile is, although from context I suspect I've been seeing
some of its principles applied routinely before someone tried to put a name
on them.  But it doesn't matter what Agile or any other strategy is.  The
point is that no one strategy works universally.  Unless of course that
strategy is so vague and flexible as to be no strategy at all.

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