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Thread: Hand built stirling engine
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M. Adam Davis wrote:
> Firefox does that, and since I use online email (gmail) then yes, my
> mispellings are gnerally underlined.
> Unfortunately, I read piclist email using explorer (saves having to
> sign in and out of multiple email accounts) so I don't have spell
> checking on here without clicking the little "Check Spelling" link,
> which I rarely do.
> I wish every program did this automatically with input (configurable,
> of course, for those that don't want it.)
> -Adam
I wish I could find some time to 'merge' the British and American
dictionaries so that I can type grey and gray, realize and realise, and
so on without getting ~~~ squiggleys. Coming from South Africa, via
England for a few years, and now living on Canada I am horribly confused
as to which spelling is right or wrong for whatever. What's more,
because I expect squiggleys I sometimes let real typo's get through
because I don't pay attention to all the squiggleys.

In theory we use the British English here in Canada, but in practice it
is all over the place. Try and tell someone that Coke comes in an
Aluminium can and you not only get squiggleys, but also gigglies...


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