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Thread: Hand built stirling engine
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Firefox does that, and since I use online email (gmail) then yes, my
mispellings are gnerally underlined.

Unfortunately, I read piclist email using explorer (saves having to
sign in and out of multiple email accounts) so I don't have spell
checking on here without clicking the little "Check Spelling" link,
which I rarely do.

I wish every program did this automatically with input (configurable,
of course, for those that don't want it.)


On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 8:40 AM, Virchanza <.....virtualspamBeGonespamlavabit.com> wrote:
> Am I the only person that has the spellchecker that underlines words as
> you type... ?
<bc7a59a0902040823v433093b5h63811791e2b8e06f@mail.gmail.com> 7bit

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