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Thread: Hand built stirling engine
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Alan B. Pearce wrote:
> I find this attitude from Olin strange as well. To me having the spell
> checker turned on so that before sending an email, it gets checked for
> spelling errors is a basic 'must do'. Occasionally errors do get through
> from rushed punching of the 'Ignore' button, but to me it is a matter of
> professional pride that for the most part at least the spelling is
> correct, even if the grammar isn't.

Everyone makes mistakes occasionally.  While I know I type PIClist emails
fast and sometimes mistype a word or even don't know the correct spelling,
I'm OK with the level of correctness exhibited here.  I guess part of it is
I've never gotten used to spell checkers as part of my normal work flow.  Oh
well.  If you want to judge me by that, that's your call.

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