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Thread: Hand built stirling engine
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>Hmmmm. "bad spelling and grammar" .... "crawl in a whole"
>I also remember that once when I pointed out that the word which
>is a synonym for "laughable" is spelled "ridiculous" rather than
>"rediculous" as you had it, you said something about having to type
>emails quickly without the time to spell check them. That seems in
>direct contradiction to your attitude today - that one might as well
>not do something at all if that bit of "extra effort" cannot be put
>into it at this moment.

I find this attitude from Olin strange as well. To me having the spell
checker turned on so that before sending an email, it gets checked for
spelling errors is a basic 'must do'. Occasionally errors do get through
from rushed punching of the 'Ignore' button, but to me it is a matter of
professional pride that for the most part at least the spelling is correct,
even if the grammar isn't.

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