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Thread: Hand built stirling engine
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On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Olin Lathrop <spamBeGoneolin_piclistspamembedinc.com> wrote:
> The person who is putting his name on it will care to the level he cares
> what other people think of him.  Crappy video is no different than bad
> spelling, formatting, and grammar.


> If you can't handle people talking about stuff you publish publicly, then go
> crawl in a whole and don't publish anything publicly.

Hmmmm. "bad spelling and grammar" .... "crawl in a whole"

I also remember that once when I pointed out that the word which is a
synonym for "laughable" is spelled "ridiculous" rather than
"rediculous" as you had it, you said something about having to type
emails quickly without the time to spell check them. That seems in
direct contradiction to your attitude today - that one might as well
not do something at all if that bit of "extra effort" cannot be put
into it at this moment.
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