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Thread: Hand built stirling engine
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M. Adam Davis wrote:
> Who cares how bad the video is, just get it up there!

The person who is putting his name on it will care to the level he cares
what other people think of him.  Crappy video is no different than bad
spelling, formatting, and grammar.  If someone posted your minutes in text
with all these problems you'd probably still figure out the message, but
you'd also think to yourself "what an idiot".  Like it or not, you're going
to be judged by the formatting, look, and feel of what you put out there
independent of the content.  Too much crappy formatting and the like will
detract from the message because it will become the message.

And let's keep in mind there is already a lot of slack for amateurs.  Nobody
is expecting professionally produced video with fancy lighting and rolling
tripod.  All this guy had to to was move the light in front of the item and
hold his body more still.  This is really basic stuff that anyone smart
enough to build a Sterling engine can handle.

> In some cases telling someone to
> add more light washes things out too much

Of course you have to add light somewhat intelligently.  Most cameras will
auto-adjust to the overall light level, so you only need to avoid hot spots.
This guy put the light into the scene and therefore ended up with a whopping
hot spot, making everything else dark and hard to see.

> While your intentions are undoubtedly well meant, I know people who
> are reluctant to put themselves out there because they'll receive such
> criticism.

So?  We're never supposed to critisize something because some dweeb at the
other end of the internet might not put up a really bad video if we do?
That makes no sense at all.

If you can't handle people talking about stuff you publish publicly, then go
crawl in a whole and don't publish anything publicly.

> "If you can't say something nice, say nothing."

That's absurd of course.

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