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Thread: Hand built stirling engine
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Herbert Graf wrote:
>> Nice job on the Sterling engine, but geesh, someone should teach
>> that guy how to use a camera and what "lighting" means.
> Hehe, amazing, no matter what, you always have to bring people down,
> don't you? Do you get off on it or something?

Oh grow up Herbert.  As I said, I thought he did a nice job on the Sterling

You've gotta admit though, the video was painful to watch.  That doesn't
take anything away from the Sterling engine and the work and enginuity that
went into it, but it does say a lot about the person.  Simply turning on a
few more lights and holding the camera more steady would have gone a long
way.  The fact that he didn't in the initial exitement is not the issue.
Then showing that video publicly instead of re-shooting it is.

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