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Thread: Hand built stirling engine
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On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 17:59 -0500, Olin Lathrop wrote:
> Herbert Graf wrote:
> >>> http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=YgrMSVPqRj8
> >>
> >> Very nice. Did you make it?
> >
> > No, it's actually my boss who built it! :)
> Nice job on the Sterling engine, but geesh, someone should teach that guy
> how to use a camera and what "lighting" means.

Hehe, amazing, no matter what, you always have to bring people down,
don't you? Do you get off on it or something?

For the record, as described to me, this video was taken in an "oh my
God, it's actually working; quickly, get the camera recording before
something fails" moment. Yes, he didn't have time to get perfect
lighting set up, yes, his excitement at it actually working probably
caused his hand to move the camera too much... big deal.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I feel sorry for you Olin.


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