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Thread: unexpected, cheap source of bare copperclad FR4
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I was nosying around McMaster carr for heat resistant plastics
(phenolic etc...) and just happened to come across part number 8521K44
and 8521K46

There is more if you search for Garolite.  Single and Double copper
clad with 1oz copper (not on the part page but .0014 in thick copper
specified on the catalog page)

$32.55 for a 24x36" sheet of souble sided 1/32in thick comes out to
3.77 cents/sq.in.  vs my usual source of goldmine electric's copper
clad in 8x10 sheets, @ 4.81 cents/sq.in.

I'm not sure what the shipping would be which could be a real deal
breaker.  Without too much packaging it could be shipped UPS ground
for ~10 dollars, but not sure.

Cheaper then most the other similar sized sheets Ive found online.
They usually run in the $80-$100 range for a 2'x3' sheet

I havent ordered it to know what kind of quality it is, but hopfully
it would be new(er) the the stuff from goldmine electronics. And I
still have too many 8x10 sheets at home to really justify buying more
copperclad (though actually maybe I could use some .062... :p...

Just thought it might be helpful to the busy hobbyists out there.
Jonathan Hallameyer
<2e5700340902021442p17e039f0o13ced99fee460289@mail.gmail.com> 7bit

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