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Thread: Single Layer Autorouter?
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Gordon Williams wrote:
> I've heard other people complain about Eagle autorouter,

I think this is mostly because they don't spend the time to really
understand it and adjust all the various settings appropriately.  You also
have to understand up front that no auto router applied to a meaningful
board is fire and forget.  I usually route a few critical things by hand,
manually punch all ground connections to the ground plane if there is one,
then do a auto route with no optimization passes.  That lets me see where
the trouble spots are, net classes I got wrong (this is very easy to do in
Eagle), etc.  Routing a board is a iterative process that you have to be
envolved with.  The auto router is very useful for taking care of the
mundane stuff without introducing errors and is a great time saver.  For
that it works well.

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