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Thread: Single Layer Autorouter?
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solarwind wrote:
> \No no, I mean how do you like it? Do you think it's good?
Now we've got our context straight :).....

I'm going to answer this this way:   I have yet to find a single
autorouter which I felt was even close to what I could do by hand.  I
would love to find a tool that I could say "here's the board, here's
where the fixed stuff goes - you figure out the rest"...  but alas, it
doesn't seem to exist, at least not at the low end.

I find that routing is as much about component placement as it about
connecting the traces.  You also have to through in a bit of circuit
revision as well.  

I'll try to explain a bit...  let's say you put a big circuit on the
board, and sort of randomly place the components with little regard for
what is connected to what.  It is going to be almost impossible to route
neatly.  If instead, you place based on what is connected to what, and
are willing to move components around a bit as the routing evolves, and
for components with multiple parts inside, being willing to do part
swaps, or pinning changes, or the like, you can get a very clean board
without a lot of vias by just using both sides of a board.

Like I said, I have yet to see an autorouter even come close to what a
human can produce.   Not to say there aren't nice autorouters out there,
but for many applications it just doesn't seem to be worth it - at least
to me.

Of course, my experience with the very high end autorouters are limited
at best....

On a more specific note, I find the router in diptrace to be not really
better or worse than any others.  I know that they have made it better
in 2.0... but what better means I don't know.    For now, I just route
by hand.

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