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Thread: Positive experiences with software development
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
> There are certainly some ways that are bad most or all of the time.  There
> isn't the One Good Way though.  This depends on the project, people,
> customer, facilities, manager, and lots of other stuff too complicated to
> make rules about.

How about just describing a project that either went well, or was a
failure -- and trying to analyze what were the contributing factors? Isn't
this what learning is really about?

>> I sense a double standard, however. Both of you (Gerhard and Olin) at
>> one time or another advocated (very forcefully at times) a certain
>> way of programming, or a design practice.
> I thought we were talking about higher level software development
> practises,
> not details like putting constants in-line, at the top of a file, or in a
> include file.

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. So no, I don't think
limiting the scope of discussion to higher leve development practices is a
good idea.

>> "There are no hard and fast rules", but there are guidelines that say
>> that certain practices are better than others. Today for example, I
>> discovered that at Olin's place of work, they use whiteboards, and
>> keep notes by taking digital pictures
> On that day for that project.

Do you think it worked well? Would you use it again? Why, or why not?

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That's how I've seen it used, and how we use it at work. I almost forgot,
that's another great thing about a whiteboard -- erasing stuff is very easy
(easier than erasing something written with a pencil).

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I hear you. And yet in my experience, I haven't encountered these
difficulties. We usually spend maybe one or two hours per week
"whiteboarding" -- and it pays for itself many times over.

> I guess my main point is that project management style needs to be
> flexible
> for the particulars at hand.  Gee, maybe it'll be more believable if it
> were
> called Agile Management or something.  How about "Fleximent"?  Does that
> sound new-fangled drink-the-grape-coolaid good enough?

A rose by any other name... :-)


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