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Thread: Positive experiences with software development
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Alan B. Pearce wrote:
> >That's the whole point, isn't it -- figuring out what works
>>in a given situation. You can't possibly try everything, so
>>you need to make educated guesses what is likely to produce
>>the best outcome. That's what I was asking about, but you guys
>>don't seem to want to share your hard-won knowledge...
> But from what you have been writing, it seems to me you have pretty well
> got
> that information too. Everyone has got it through experience and 'common
> sense', and from what you have been writing, it becomes evident that you
> have as well.

I don't know Alan, I am pretty stubborn and sometimes keep beating my head
against the same wall, until someone points out that there is a better way.
A lot of things that made me more productive, came from books and stuff I
read on the internet (PICList plays a huge part, too).

I guess that maybe what I'm after, is validating the ideas I have, as much
as learning new thigns. The fact that I have a strong opinion about
something, doesn't mean I won't change it when presented with compelling

> Or is it that you have now got a project that has expanded
> beyond your experience and is threatening to go belly up in some way (may
> well not be through the fault of your company - your client wants
> something
> rather different with change in economic situation maybe).

Not yet, but I'd like to be prepared. The more I learn, the more I don't
know -- right?  Tapping several thousand years of collective experience
might help me make fewer mistakes. And I'd be happy to share what I learned
from my mistakes.

> I don't think there is a 'silver bullet' for this, as you pointed out
> earlier today when you had Olin and Gerhard on about how they have in the
> past advocated very strongly for what you saw as a paradigm, and that now
> they were saying there is no 'one way'. I think they were saying that
> there
> are definite wrong ways to do some things and definite right ways to do
> some
> things, but the rights and wrongs depend on the project size, and the way
> things are done may need fine tuning as a project proceeds.

Sure, let's talk about these factors, too.


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