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Thread: Single Layer Autorouter?
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On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 2:57 PM, Forrest W Christian <EraseMEforrestcspam.....imach.com> wrote:
> Royh wrote:
>> http://www.diptrace.com/
> Yes, very nice software.   That's what I use for design exclusively.   I
> never could get my mind around Eagle, and I was willing to spend around
> $1K on a schematic capture/PCB layout software, so I obtained an eval
> copy of almost every design suite I could find, and ended up with
> Diptrace.  True, it still has some quirks, but it seemed to be th eone
> which was the most compatible with me.
> The 250 pin freeware should handle most starting designs, and it's not
> that much to add additional pins.  I think I started with the light
> version (500 pins, 2 signal layers - which is more than most of my
> designs), and then upgraded to the full when they were running a promo
> around christmas a year or two ago.
> -forrest

So, for all you diptrace users, how do you find the autorouter?

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