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Thread: Single Layer Autorouter?
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Royh wrote:
> http://www.diptrace.com/
Yes, very nice software.   That's what I use for design exclusively.   I
never could get my mind around Eagle, and I was willing to spend around
$1K on a schematic capture/PCB layout software, so I obtained an eval
copy of almost every design suite I could find, and ended up with
Diptrace.  True, it still has some quirks, but it seemed to be th eone
which was the most compatible with me.

The 250 pin freeware should handle most starting designs, and it's not
that much to add additional pins.  I think I started with the light
version (500 pins, 2 signal layers - which is more than most of my
designs), and then upgraded to the full when they were running a promo
around christmas a year or two ago.

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