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Thread: Positive experiences with software development
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>> "There are no hard and fast rules", but there are guidelines that say
>> that certain practices are better than others. Today for example, I
>> discovered that at Olin's place of work, they use whiteboards, and
>> keep notes by taking digital pictures
> On that day for that project.
>> do you see *any* disadvantages to this design practice?
> Sure.  First, it's not a design practice but a project management
> practice.

Somewhat peripheral, but when 'away' I favour the use of whiteboards for
group discussion and I take photos. I try to make sure everything covered
gets at least a whiteboard reference. Not just a useful aide memoire for me
but others know that I have the record. While it is not usually necessary to
use such for backup when a point is in questin, the ability to effectively
jump to that point in time and demonstrate a snapshot of the chronological
development of the discussion and the key points covered can be utterly
invaluable. This doesn't replace more formal notes and records (or
shouldn't) but is vvv useful.

And the grandchildren (none of whom yet exist) can pore over the pictures in
years to come and decide whether they refer to cans of Jolt required to
finish a project. (In one meeting I drew a sketch of a tiger with the
(female) Chinese design engineer flying along behind holding its tail. The
"got a tiger by the tail" metaphor seemed to be unknown until then. Later
allusion to the picture was far more useful than dry references to the
merits of keeping projects under control rather than later trying to get
them back in control. Not that it helped in the end :-).


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