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Thread: Positive experiences with software development
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>That's the whole point, isn't it -- figuring out what works
>in a given situation. You can't possibly try everything, so
>you need to make educated guesses what is likely to produce
>the best outcome. That's what I was asking about, but you guys
>don't seem to want to share your hard-won knowledge...

But from what you have been writing, it seems to me you have pretty well got
that information too. Everyone has got it through experience and 'common
sense', and from what you have been writing, it becomes evident that you
have as well. Or is it that you have now got a project that has expanded
beyond your experience and is threatening to go belly up in some way (may
well not be through the fault of your company - your client wants something
rather different with change in economic situation maybe).

I don't think there is a 'silver bullet' for this, as you pointed out
earlier today when you had Olin and Gerhard on about how they have in the
past advocated very strongly for what you saw as a paradigm, and that now
they were saying there is no 'one way'. I think they were saying that there
are definite wrong ways to do some things and definite right ways to do some
things, but the rights and wrongs depend on the project size, and the way
things are done may need fine tuning as a project proceeds.

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