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Alan B. Pearce wrote:
> >What are the numbers next to the to-do items?
>>Ratings in terms of difficulty?
>>What do the numbers next to the names mean?
>>Amount of work accomplished?
> I took them to be priorities and assignments of jobs to people.

I don't think they can be assignments of jobs to people, the numbers repeat.
Priorities are usually not expressed as fractional numbers.

In Agile/SCRUM/XP they sometimes assign "points" to tasks (the point system
is relative, and unitless). So for example, if you have three tasks, and
Task A is twice as difficult as Task B, which in turn is twice as difficult
as Task C, the points would be assigned thus:

Task A: 4
Task B: 2
Task C: 1

If you have Task D that is considered to be three times as hard as Task B,
it would get assigned 6 points.

What this allows one to chart the team's progress (how many "points" were
done in a particular week). Last I heard, this practice has been abandoned
by some, in favor of the old way of assigning the number of hours to each


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