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Thread: Positive experiences with software development
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
> I'm really tired of hearing one set of guildlines that have been used all
> along suddenly given a fancy name and treated like gospel to the exclusion
> of common sense tradeoffs.  As usual, the only hard and fast rule is that
> there are no hard and fast rules.

Well then it's pointless to continue this conversation, isn't it? Anything
goes, develop your software any way you like, no one way is better any other

I sense a double standard, however. Both of you (Gerhard and Olin) at one
time or another advocated (very forcefully at times) a certain way of
programming, or a design practice. If software is an art, why do you get so
passionate about defending your vision of "the right way" to write software
(and why do I often find myself agreeing with it)?

"There are no hard and fast rules", but there are guidelines that say that
certain practices are better than others. Today for example, I discovered
that at Olin's place of work, they use whiteboards, and keep notes by taking
digital pictures -- which is exactly what we do at my job. Are there any
disadvantages to using whiteboards? What "tradeoffs" are there -- do you see
*any* disadvantages to this design practice?

Naming variables/function names in a meaningful way, what's wrong with that?

What's wrong with the rule that states you should avoid "magic" numbers? Or
that you should keep your functions and modules cohesive, and loosely

You could say that this stuff is all basic, but can you tell me why we keep
seeing the same mistakes made over and over again, by people who should know

If you haven't yet read "Code Complete", I strongly recommend it. A set of
rules of thumb, and intelligent observations about what works best in the
real world is a lot more useful than implying that every project is
different and you have to figure it out from scratch.


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