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Thread: Positive experiences with software development
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"Philip Pemberton" wrote:
> Speaking of whiteboard image extraction.. I've been (slowly) hacking away
> at a
> program that takes a JPEG file containing a photo of a whiteboard, removes
> the
> brightness variations caused by light shining on it, makes the background
> pure
> white, and enhances the contrast so you can see the text properly.
> It's based on an algorithm published in a research paper in Digital Signal
> Processing, Vol.17, No.2 by Zhang and He. I never got round to
> implementing
> edge-detection, but I did get white-balancing, contrast-enhancement, and
> squaring working (you have to select the corners of the whiteboard for
> that one).
> It's a neat toy, and was useful for getting useful notes from certain
> university lecturers who always erased the whiteboard before everyone had
> the
> notes written down!

Are you willing to share the toy? :)


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