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Thread: Agile programming (was Re: [P|C] Banksel)
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On Jan 31, 2009, at 12:46 AM, Vitaliy wrote:

> Did you catch this -- "Customer collaboration over contract  
> negotiation"?

As a non-programmer, but someone who's been involved in business  
purchase decisions, this seems to be Agile's achilles heel.

Customers want to know what they're entitled to before they pay.  If  
they start paying a company that's "Agile" to "collaborate" and the  
collaboration slows down or becomes bogged down in some set of  
details, what recourse do they have?   In the more traditional RFP/
Requirements/Then Build environment, if the software doesn't meet the  
requirements, they have legal recourse to sue.

If you've convinced them that they can just "collaborate" with your  
team, and then say -- decide you want to downsize the team  
(effectively making delivery dates stretch out longer), what can they  
do about it if they've been paying and collaborating all along.

Agile seems to be idealistic about software relationships between  
companies being a "forever" thing.  That only works (in business) in  
giant companies that are never going to restructure and have plenty of  
customers buying "products" from the Agile team.

Additionally, how do you handle it when one customer wants to  
completely change what the software does or how to interact with it,  
and the majority of customers want it another way?  Agile never  
addresses that.  They assume "all customers are equal".  We all know  
they're not.  Change this example to "your largest customer who brings  
in 25% of your revenue" and it starts to become very difficult to  
smash Agile development up against the cold reality of customer wants/
desires, doesn't it?

Maybe someone on an Agile team that has lots of customers can  
explain.  Do you just end up having to sales-pitch the smaller  
customers into liking what the largest "collaborators" want?

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