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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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>> apparently risky things in the middle of that 18 second block. The
> designers
>> MAY catch you out, and cracking the door in the midst of a cycle MAY
>> cause
>> the oven to emit briefly as the in\terlocks shut it down (there's no
>> accounting for software) but odds are the risk is very low. YMMV. Let it
> do
>> so intelligently.

> There's no software involved, the door switches are wired in series with
> the
> relays that control the magnetron.  You may be able to crack the door open
> a
> few mm, micro-switches have that name for a reason.

I was more making the point that when being an intelligent risk taker you
have to try to make sure you are smart enough. eg entirely hypothetically,
the interlocks may bounce as you wriggle the door near the operating point
and the software in the contrller board may activate the realy and the
operate time may be short and thr release time longer and ... brief burst.
Unlikey, and probably harmless enough, but assuming Murphy has a long reach
helps we intelligent risk takers to live long if not to proper.

> Almost all 'dead' microwave
> oven have blown fuses,

Maybe we have greasier food here :-).
About 50% of the dead microwaves ovens I've seen have started an arc on the
magnetron window due to food hardening there then heating enough to
carbonise the 'window' and an arc starts and great is the fireworks thereof.
Some while ago I bought a sheet of suitable window material and for such as
above I cut a new piece to shape and you have a 5 minute repair. Actually 30
seconds if you just take the old material ouit, but then the fat spatter
gets inside the uwave horn and ... :-).

Then there's the blown fuses.

Our own uWave oven is probably > 20 years old !!!.


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