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Thread: Microwave affecting WiFi
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> > Sorry, call me a coward if you want, but this just reminds me of the
> > of
> > thing that happen prior to the criticality accidents.
> Welcome to the club. We cowards tend to have longer lives. I'm seen as a
> risk taker but I always try and take my risks with as much understanding
> possible - I don't see it as risky - rather intelligent dancing. eg if
> oven when set to 10% power level hums for 2 seconds and then makes far
> noise for 18 seconds then repeats ad infinitum, you can guess that it is
> powering on during those two seconds. Placing the meter at the door hinge
> and observing from a distance will help confirm this. If so you can then
> apparently risky things in the middle of that 18 second block. The
> MAY catch you out, and cracking the door in the midst of a cycle MAY cause
> the oven to emit briefly as the in\terlocks shut it down (there's no
> accounting for software) but odds are the risk is very low. YMMV. Let it
> so intelligently.

There's no software involved, the door switches are wired in series with the
relays that control the magnetron.  You may be able to crack the door open a
few mm, micro-switches have that name for a reason.

What the designers may have done is wire the door switches to ground - if
you open the door with the relays still powered up, it'll short out and blow
the fuse.  It'll be perfectly safe then.  (Not a common trick, btw).

Personally, I'd not worry about it, adjust the hinges (tap with hammer) or
get a new one.  New can also be a dead one.  Almost all 'dead' microwave
oven have blown fuses, often caused by the MOV wearing out (& shorting when
dying).  New fuse (& MOV), done.  Sometimes it's the just the light, I guess
people fear they might loose their dinner in there somewhere if it's dark

Hard to kill microwaves, bar the electronics they're pretty simple.   I've
had one with no electronics at all, with mechanical timer & power knobs.  It
would still work if I hadn't removed it's 9kg (!) transformer to make a spot


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