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Thread: Positive experiences with software development
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Vitaliy wrote:
> - Sketching out the design on a whiteboard. We have two big ones in the
> conference room, and they're both used quite a lot. To save the notes, we
> take a picture with a cheap digital camera, crop it, crank up
> brightness/contrast, and print the result. The printout looks like
> handwritten notes (fooled several people already).

Speaking of whiteboard image extraction.. I've been (slowly) hacking away at a
program that takes a JPEG file containing a photo of a whiteboard, removes the
brightness variations caused by light shining on it, makes the background pure
white, and enhances the contrast so you can see the text properly.

It's based on an algorithm published in a research paper in Digital Signal
Processing, Vol.17, No.2 by Zhang and He. I never got round to implementing
edge-detection, but I did get white-balancing, contrast-enhancement, and
squaring working (you have to select the corners of the whiteboard for that one).

It's a neat toy, and was useful for getting useful notes from certain
university lecturers who always erased the whiteboard before everyone had the
notes written down!

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